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November and a second wave!

By sperrinsmile, Nov 18 2020 09:01PM

It has been such a long time since our first blog post - all of a sudden we are thinking about Christmas and how it will compare to Christmases past. The North-West and NI as a whole is going through the COVID-19 "Second Wave" with increased case numbers compared to Spring. We all desperately want to be closer to pre-COVID normal and now with positive developments of a potential vaccine perhaps we a re a little closer to waking up from this bad dream!

Back to teeth and dentistry - we are now equipped to provide Aerosol Generating Procedures in limited circumstances (root canal treatment for pain relief) and working through the treatment backlog based on clinical need/priority and when the patient first attended with the dental problem.

Limited appointment availability and enhanced cross-infection procedures does mean unfortunately at present we are not taking on new patients. This also applies to patients who have attended previously whose registration has lapsed (NHS registration only lasts for 2 years). We are able to offer emergency care (severe pain/swelling) to these patients if we have available capacity.

All appointments continue to be triaged through reception with no exceptions - this is to ensure that the limited appointments are provided to those with greatest clinical need. Please be reassured that each phone call is assessed by a dentist.

We thank you for your continued patience; we understand how frustrating the delay in dental teatment is and it is our priority to work through the backlog as efficiently and safely we can.

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